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Wreck Recovery

LCM have carried out an extensive wreck survey of Lagos port, both visually, and with sophisticated side scan sonar (to locate & plot submerged wrecks). We have also carried out a magnetometer survey in 2007 to enhance and verify initial information collected. The survey identified over 43 submerged wrecks that require immediate removal, throughout the main channels.

29 critical wrecks have already been removed by LCM, with the program on going.
Essential to the improvements of Lagos port is the on-going removal of wrecks & Hulks within the navigable channels.

LCM have completed the initial wreck removal program, with 24 critical wrecks removed by the end of 2011. All these wrecks were a hazard to navigation within Lagos, and their removal will allow us to forge forward with a new channel design to accommodate much larger vessels navigating within Lagos port.