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The Marine Operation Center known as (MOC) was set up by Landfall and equipped with communication gadgets like Very High Frequency (VHF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and an Automated Identification System (AIS). The base of these equipments is installed in the MOC while the mobile stations, including the AIS are installed on the vessels. The AIS aids in location and monitoring activities of tugs under our fleet and the dredgers under the management of our sister company. The MOC has professionally trained Radio Officers to manage these equipments at the Regional Maritime University in Accra Ghana. MOC is the intermediary between the management and operation, MOC co-ordinates, monitors and controls the whole system.

The Marine Operation Center is charged with;

  • Monitoring of all radio channels of the vessels under our fleet and operation channels of the port
  • Receiving and sending of information to and from all vessels and the Port operation office.
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing vessels with the aid of the AIS.
  • Recording all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the port.
  • Monitoring the sea currents and tides from the Tidal table prepared by LCM and Nigerian Navy.
  • Collating all the tug boat and pilotage moves from which we prepare data base for port traffic on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Such tidal information has improved port navigational safety at all times.
MOC keeps watch on three different channels; Private 2, Channel 12 and Channel 14.
PRIVATE 2 is a routine communication that is used within the premises to transfer and receive information from the management and our fleet.
CHANNEL 12 is used by Port control to receive the arrivals and departure of all vessels in the Lagos port. MOC only listens and keep record on the digital log book.
CHANNEL 14 is an external communication channel that is used to receive and transfer information to port operation and our fleet during operation.