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Three NPA dredgers (River Chalawa, Gumel and Sea Lion) are on charter to the company to be used exclusively by us for dredging Lagos Port. Sealion and Gumel are TSHD’s used for the deepening of the Channels. R. Chalawa is used to maintain depths alongside the quays

Capital Dredging Achieved since 2005

This chart shows what LCM have actually achieved since 2005, with the area in White at least a minimum of -13.5m LAT. Minimum depths in 2005 were between -8.2 & 9.7m LAT.

As from the beginning of 2014, LCM are now dredging to a new channel design. This will straighten out and widen the channels to allow larger vessels to enter Lagos

Present Capital Dredging:

Maersk are already bringing in vessels with a draft of 13.2m, and they intend to gradually increase to 13.7m over the next few months (Which is a slight concern, considering the Port channels are designed at -13.5m LAT).

Note : This shows the depth

LCM’s Goal from 2005 To the end of 2010 was to open up the port for deeper drafted vessels, and justify to stakeholders that Lagos would be a major hub port in West Africa.

As well as removing critical wrecks that were a danger to safe navigating, we needed to dredge the Port to at least -12.5m, and preferably the channels to the following depths:

  • Entrance -15.4m
  • Commodore -13.5m
  • Apapa -13m
  • E Badagry -13.5m
  • W Badagry -12.5m

LCM had achieved at least -12.5m for the majority of Lagos Port by 2010, allowing major shipping companies to steam direct to Lagos, rather than first stopping of at a rival port to lighten ship (reduce draft).

Both TSHD’s main objective have been to widen the critical navigational turning points on Commodore & Apapa Channels to ensure the larger bulk carriers can enter Lagos safely. Flour Mills at Apapa 1 & 2 are now confident to bring their bulk carriers in with vessel drafts of 12.2m on a continuous basis.


Sea Lion


River Chalawa

Blue Latitudes

Blue Latitudes is a 26m multicat, equipped with a 160 ton crane and 60 ton winch. Her primary roles are small wreck removal; Buoy recovery & laying; Large wreck & dive support. Secondary roles include fuel bunkering and dredger support.


Lodycke is our bed levelling vessel. She is employed mainly working alongside River Chalawa, knocking of the pinnacles left by the grab dredging process. She has also been used independently dredging silt off quays & into the channel on the ebb tide. She is also our deep water survey vessel, and a stand-by survey vessel for Oren (Our Dedicated survey vessel)

Resolution & Endeavour:

Resolution is a Back-Hoe Dredger and was brought into Lagos to dredge the very hard areas of the Port. She is capable of physically digging out the hard clays & sands. She then loads our self propelled barge Endeavour for onward disposal. Their present deployment is assist the Wreck Program.

Plough Gredgers

Entrance Channel Widening

Channel Dredging: