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Aids to Navigation

Aids To Navigation

Lagos port buoyage system remains intact & efficient since inception. All buoys are re-furbished every 2 years, and any damage is repaired within 24hrs.

LCM have also strove to improve AtoN including the re-instatement of shore beacons and the upgrading of the entrance channel buoys with active AIS transponder.

AID Buoy Monitoring

All the entrance channel buoys have now been fitted with AIS Transponders, and have been successfully transmitting for 6 month. As well as easy identification by vessels navigating in the Entrance, this allows us to monitor the buoys in real time 24hrs a day, even remotely from a web site like Marin Traffic (Screen Shot on the right). Due to increased vessel awareness of the Entrance Channel buoys, we have also observed a significant decrease in collision incidents.

We have also upgrade the buoy monitoring software in our office. This will enhance our capabilities, and give us alarms when a buoy moves off position, or the lantern is extinguished.

Aids to Navigation – 3x New Entrance Beacons

LCM have completed the construction & commission of the 3 Entrance Beacons, in line with IALA guidelines. All three are now operational. All 3 heave been fitted with long Range Lanterns, “High Response Radar Reflectors”. In addition, the west & East Mole Beacons have been fitted with AIS Transponders.