About Us


The Lagos Channel Management Limited (LCM) is a Public- Private Partnership enterprise formed in 2005 with its core operations centered on the management and dredging of Lagos channels. With the continued support and relentless efforts of its partners and staff team, it has made tremendous efforts and visible improvement in the depth, safety and navigational access of the Lagos Channels in particular and Lagos port as a whole.

Since it operations began in 2005, vessel traffic within the Lagos channels has increased by more than 75% and a significant increase in the number of larger and more drafted vessels entering the Lagos Channels. Inclusive, is the introduction and harmonization of all charts to international standards together with a Marine Operation Center (MOC) that provides a live information hub.

Over the years, the presence and operations of Lagos Channel Management Limited (LCM) has not only marked a difference in the improvement of the Channels but in ensuring sustainability which has garnered a continuous operation of all parties within the ports and the Nigerian maritime industry.


In line with the Port concessions and reforms, and with the Federal government’s desire to promote private sector investment and participation in the development and operation of public utilities and infrastructures, a joint venture agreement was entered into by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Depasa Marine International.

This led to a separate and distinct company being incorporated to maintain the Lagos Channels and Ports in order to enhance efficiency and viability for safe and accessible navigation.

The company was incorporated on the 23rd of June 2005 and is called LAGOS CHANNEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED (LCM). NPA’s enabling statute: The Nigerian Ports Authority Act Cap. N126, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria; charges it with the responsibility for the exclusive maintenance of the channels which provide access to the Nigerian Ports and also gives NPA the authority to carry out these activities and discharge its responsibilities through any other person(s) authorized by it.

It is by virtue of this enabling statute; Lagos Channel Management ltd was incorporated. NPA holds 60% equity while Depasa Marine International holds 40%.